We undertake an iterative development process for every product we create. Extensive research, design, and feedback helps us develop the highest caliber product with the goal of creating opportunities for individuals to develop financial knowledge, attitudes, and decision-making skills essential to achieving financial well-being.

High School Financial Education

finEDge is a one-semester, research-based financial education program for high schoolers. The program's content and pedagogical approach are based on learning science, behavioral change research, and the latest information on effective design of formal and informal financial education experiences. The goal is that finEDge students leave the program with an integrated, self-reinforcing foundation of productive financial decision-making skills, attitudes, and knowledge.

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Conversation Starters for Families & Friends

Money is often considered a taboo topic. Yet, learning about money is essential for people to be able to navigate the financial system with confidence. According to research, families are the single most influential factor in learning about money. Talking Cents helps to spark discussions of all kinds—some deep, some lighthearted, but all valuable.

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Family Money Night

Family Money Night is designed to bring families together to engage in activities around financial education. Families will participate in and learn activities they can use to help their children develop the attitudes, skills, behavior, and knowledge needed to navigate the financial world as they grow. Activities will include a tool to help parents spark conversations about money, games families can play to help with basic numeracy, and a book families can read to promote financial socialization.

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