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Since 2011, Magnetar Capital has supported financial literacy efforts in Chicago. The original program, Magnetar Academy, reached more than 16,000 high school students in 700 Chicago-area high school classrooms. In 2016, Magnetar Capital Foundation partnered with the University of Chicago to establish the Magnetar Capital UChicago Financial Education Initiative. This partnership aims to develop the tools, resources, and capacity to scale financial education across the United States.

We are a team of researchers, educators, and writers with expertise in financial education, pedagogy, curriculum development, educational psychology, and digital tool development.

Picture of Rebecca Maxcy

Rebecca Maxcy

Director and Principal Investigator, UChicago Financial Education Initiative

Picture of Andy Isaacs

Andy Isaacs

Co-Principal Investigator
Director, UChicago STEM Education

Picture of Amy Dillard

Amy Dillard

Senior Curriculum Developer

Picture of Kristin Fitzgerald-Hill

Kristin Fitzgerald-Hill

Curriculum Developer

Picture of Jenn Hockema

Jenn Hockema

Project Manager

Picture of Denise Porter

Denise Porter

Director of Education Outreach

Picture of Alison Whittington

Alison Whittington

Director of School Support Services

Picture of Margaret Sharkey

Margaret Sharkey

Web Application Manager and Designer