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There’s a financial dimension to just about every part of life. Students today need financial education for a secure and comfortable tomorrow. Magnetar Academy wants to make it easy for all students to prepare for their financial future.

The Program's Impact to Date

$8+ million
donated by the Magnetar Capital Foundation
students educated
teachers trained
classrooms reached
schools implemented, including public, charter, and parochial.
volunteer hours contributed
students participated in Magnetar Academy Team Challenges
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Defining the Problem

There is a pressing need to teach students financial literacy before they graduate high school. These students are taking on new roles in the economy—choosing a college or career, getting their first job, and receiving their first paychecks. But schools are not equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to face a complicated and rapidly evolving financial system. To emphasize our point, only 17 states require specific financial literacy classes.

How We Differ From Other Programs

  • Current approaches to financial education are out of date, out of touch, and not aligned with best teaching practices. Students face an ever evolving, complex financial landscape, but - at best - are provided with static, one-size-fits-all financial education.
  • We work with teachers by providing a community that supports educator learning including professional development days and an online teacher platform.
  • We offer comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from student loans to investing; from managing a bank account to building an investment portfolio. Many other programs barely scratch the surface by only providing a few hours of learning.
  • In 2019, the Initiative will launch an innovative new curriculum based on extensive research, scholarly expertise, field testing, and feedback from teachers in the classroom.
  • “I think every child, especially every high schooler that’s about to go out into the real world and make a life for themselves, deserves access to this education.”

    Noelle — Teacher
  • “From participating in Magnetar Academy I’ve learned the importance of planning my goals, how to budget my money, how to read stock summaries which is sort of necessary to compete today and how to make appropriate financial decisions, my biggest one being my impending college tuition.”

    Blossom — Student
  • “The information I learned proved how supreme Magnetar Academy is at teaching the basic financial principles for students to understand. The program sparked my interest to experience the curriculum in real life.”

    Gabe — Student
  • “These are not a “nice to know.” These are a “need to know” to go to college, to begin making life decisions.”

    Joan — Teacher
  • “For their life success, for them to be able to live full and happy life and retire and raise a family and maybe own a home, they need to understand how the system works and what they can do to navigate that system, and that’s what I think we’re trying to do with this program.”

    Andy Isaacs — UChicago STEM Education
  • “Students are taking on new roles in the economy but they’re not always equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to face our complicated, ever-evolving financial system. We firmly believe that high quality financial education—that actually reflects students’ life experiences and is rooted in the realities of our economic system—should be included in every high school curriculum in this country and we are working towards that goal.”

    Alec Litowitz — Founder and CEO of Magnetar Capital

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